Brown Bag Luncheon

Join us for our next Brown Bag Lunch on Wednesday, September 6th at noon. Our very special guest will be Dr. Munsel McPhillips presenting The Secret Life of Trees. The living world is at its most interesting at the boundaries between one thing and another. We are lucky to live in such a boundary, the one between the land and the sea. Barrier islands such as ours have fascinating adaptations to the constant stresses of wind and water. What is so special about the trees on barrier islands? How do they “work” and what does that mean to us? What is it about live oaks that make them so superbly resistant to hurricane damage? Join us for this entertaining and informative talk about the maritime forest we share. You will learn about what makes up a maritime forest, how sand dunes transition to forest and even a bit about how trees change their root architecture in response to sustained stress. You will never look at a big tree the same way again!

Dr. Munsell McPhillips, is a biomedical engineer with a specialty in biomaterials. Her early career was focused on the interface between medical materials and living tissue. Munsell later took those insights to a practice on a much larger scale when she co-founded an engineering firm dedicated to restoring degraded urban rivers and riparian forests. In this macro-scale work as in the microscopic features of a medical material, what happens at the interface between the man-made and the natural is crucial. Munsell has a knack for making technical concepts accessible and fun. This program is free and open to the public. Seating is first-come/first-served. For more information contact Gray at 261-7378 ext 102, or Amelia Island Museum of History 233 S. 3rd St.

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