It Came from the Attic: Collections

On September 12 at 6:00 PM the Amelia Island Museum of History unveils its newest temporary exhibit – It Came From the Attic: Collections. The exhibit will feature an assortment of private collections provided by museum members, volunteers, and staff. The act of collecting goes back to the earliest period of human culture, and has important sociological connotations. The things we choose to fill our homes with say a great deal about what we value, and who we are as people. Join us for a special presentation at 6 pm, where several of our collectors/donors will discuss their collections, followed by a reception and the unveiling of the new exhibit. This program will be open to the public, with a suggested donation of $5 for members, and $10 for non-members. For more information contact Gray at 261-7378 ext 102.


Permanent Exhibits

Step back in time and share our stories.

Discovery Ship

The “Margery ” is our new interactive exhibit for children which utilizes discovery based learning.  Discovery-based learning is a well known technique used by many museums to teach through play which is so important in exciting and engaging children in a museum setting. On the Discovery Ship children will learn about knot tying and be able to pilot their own ship among other activities.

Timucuan Village

Amelia Island has over 4000 years of history. Learn about the area’s first residents and see a rendition of a typical Timucuan Village as well as the imposing figure of a Timucuan Chief.

Historic Preservation

This room shares the story of historic preservation in Nassau County from the movement’s inception to its completion and ongoing challenges.

Footprints in Time

An outline that highlights the fascinating personalities that were a part of Nassau County’s development from the 16th century to present day.

Spanish Missions of La Florida

  • Artifacts and stories relating to the Spanish Mission Period of Nassau County’s history. (Photo by Stephan R. Leimberg)

Civil War and the Florida Railroad

  • A dual exhibit that examines the conflict on Amelia Island, as well as the impact of one of Florida’s greatest statesmen, David Yulee. (Photo by Stephan R. Leimberg)

Nassau County

  • An extensive examination of the industries that have shaped Nassau County’s growth over the years. (Photo by Stephan R. Leimberg)

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