Special Event

Amelia Lifelong Learning – Cuba Today with Berta Arias

Cuba Today: What has really changed after 58 years of the Castros. 

The goal is to inform how the promise of the 1959 Revolution and Fidel Castro’s charisma changed Cuba and Cuban society with insights into the reality versus the propaganda about Cuba both from Cuba and U.S. perspectives. Dr. Berta Arias is a Cuban American retired college professor and current author who enjoys sharing her culture with others. She did research in Cuba in June of 2016 for her next novel and has fresh and new insights to what the 2015 U.S. changes toward Cuba translate for the common Cuban population.


May 23 and 25th, 9:30 – 11:30
Fee: $20
Register at the Amelia Lifelong Learning
website – http://amelialearning.com/product/cuba-today/

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