The Amelia Island Museum of History invites you to watch its next
3rd Friday on 3rd Street program on Friday, August 20th at 6:00 pm.

Changing Sands

with Carol J. Alexander

Carol J. Alexander, Founding Director of the American Beach Museum, will share her unique insights into the “changing sands” of northeast Florida’s African American history and culture with a specific focus on American Beach.

From Amelia Islands’ unimproved marshlands and General Sherman’s 1865 Special Field Order No.15 (that emancipated African people on Amelia Island) to Jim Crow and segregated beaches; from the urbanization of Jacksonville after the Civil War to gentrification; from incorporated black Franklintown to the exclusive resort of American Beach and its Founder, A. L. Lewis and environmentalist and preservationist, MaVynee Oshun Betsch (The Beach Lady), the story tour will explore the history of the people and the land they claimed.

Attendance is free for museum members with a suggested donation of $5 for non-members. Seating is limited, first come, first served. This program is wheelchair accessible.

For questions or for more information please contact Curator Summer Bias via phone at 904-261-7378 ext. 102 or via email at .

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