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Each quarter we update our Temporary Exhibit Room with a new Featured Exhibit, so be sure to check back with us frequently.


Our new featured exhibit is Nassau County’s African American Schools.

Curated through the Museum’s annual Student Exhibit Program in which local high school students curate and design a museum exhibit, this exhibit explores the stories of Peck High School, Bryant Academy, and Pine Forest Community School, Nassau County’s all-Black public schools in the mid-twentieth century.

Check out the replay of the lecture from the opening on our YouTube channel.


In September 2021, AIMH opened The Cuba Connection, an exhibit of contemporary works by artists in Baracoa, Cuba. Unable to ship the original works to Fernandina, the Museum created prints of the artworks for display.

The artists intended to simultaneously open an exhibit of the original works, but were unable to do so due to COVID restrictions.

The Baracoa artists were finally able to have their exhibit opening in January 2022, and we in Fernandina watched it live via Facebook Messenger. This is a recording of their exhibit opening at Casa Cultural, the cultural center in Baracoa.

For more information contact our curator, Summer Bias, at 904.261.7378 x 102 or via summer@ameliamuseum.org