Homes on the 2020 Holiday Home Tour

Photographs by Elizabeth Wilkes Photography

28 South 10th Street
The Myers Home
Holiday Decor by The Heirloom Yard

Locally referred to as the Steamboat House, this home has vernacular style elements of 19th century Mississippi steamboat-style architecture. It features two-story porches with turned spindle work, cross-gable roofline, and bay windows overlooking the corner of Ash and South 10th Streets. The original structure was built in 1883 by Edward Bell. By 1901 the home was owned by John J. Rutishauser, a local businessman. The large, sweeping Live Oak tree is older than the house. Prior to the 2019 renovation, the house had been used for commercial space, and now the house includes an addition as well as details consistent with the history of its architecture.

110 South 6th Street
The Stockard Home
Holiday Decor by Amelia’s Treasures

This home dates back at least as far back as 1897. It has gone through a number of changes such as losing a wing, adding a second story over part of the house, and then also being converted into a duplex during the 1940s-50s period. Notice the two front doors are still present. Sometime in the 1970s or 1980s, the home was reconverted into a single family residence. By the 1990s, though, it was in serious disrepair. The Stockard family have since restored it and they are proud to maintain the house and its history.

17 South 7th Street
The Conner Home
Holiday Decor by Lillian Adeline Designs

Called the Lucy Cottage, this home was once owned by three generations of ladies named Lucy, all in the Thompson family. Designed by John Hedges and constructed in 1882 in a gothic revival style, this house is believed to be the one of the oldest homes in Fernandina’s New Town. The steep roof features false dormers and there are decorative verge boards along the east and south gables. The house also has narrow, lancet windows traditional to gothic architecture.

22 North 4th Street
The Blalock Home
Holiday Decor by Dottie B Florist

Records date this home back to 1883. The features of the house are typical of the golden era of Fernandina’s New Town in the late 19th century. The Partin family has owned this home since 1924, making for five generations on down to its current owners, Neil Blalock and Martha Blalock née Partin. Restored in 2019, the restoration renewed the house and focused on the original colors and layout from the early era of the house’s history as well as updating for modern needs.

28 North 4th Street
The Jacoby Home
Holiday Decor by Coastal Cottage Amelia

Owned by John and Ella Hardee, this house was originally built around the year 1904 and enlarged after they purchased it in 1912, adding a north wing. The house remained in the Hardee family until recently when the Jacobys bought it in 2019. John Hardee wanted his daughter Content Partin to live close by, so he bought 22 North 4th Street for her and her family. See that home on the Holiday Home Tour this year as well! Here at 28 North 4th Street, the house’s frame is in a vernacular style. Interiors include some of the original materials, chiefly the original pine floors and the fireplace mantels.