Homes on the 2019 Holiday Home Tour

204 South 6th Street
The Winter Home
Holiday Decor by Island Flower and Garden

Ron and Debra Winter started renovations as soon as they bought their house. In the next eight years, they completely overhauled the home, doing what they could in their free time. They made many crucial fixes and made the house work for their lifestyle and preferences. The structure of the house meant that the renovation required meticulous planning and execution, and visitors will see the result of this careful redesign.

111 South 7th Street
The Krebs Home
Holiday Decor by Coastal Cottage Amelia

When John and Kathryn Krebs bought this house, it had been home to at least four other owners and came with a history of renovations and changes made by all of them. The two and a half years they spent remodeling were focused on reconfiguring the interior rooms in a way that made more sense and was better suited to everyday life. They also reconfigured the back yard into a beautiful and open entertaining space. Visitors will be able to see the thoughtful renovation as well as the house’s preserved historic elements.

223 North 4th Street
The Waas Home
Holiday Decor by The Flower Studio Amelia Island

Lisa and Joe Waas have lived in their home for over thirty years, and the house has changed over that time to reflect their needs, history, and interests. Many items in the home are family heirlooms from the Waas family’s long history on the island. Others, such as a unique collection of artifacts and strange items, came into the family more recently. Though the house has been renovated, the bones of the original structure remain, and visitors will enjoy seeing the ways that the family has been able to stay true to the house’s origins while making it a functional and beautiful family home.

421 North 3rd Street
The Maier Home
Holiday Decor by Harris Teeter Flower Gallery

Charles and Kathleen Maier spent thirteen years of their time in Fernandina Beach waiting for their current house to go on the market, and they have spent thirteen subsequent years renovating it and making it their own. They have embraced the house’s maritime history as well as showcasing their own love of boats and the sea. They have taken care to preserve the house’s unique attributes, including the back porch that resembles the galley of a shrimp boat. Visitors will also enjoy seeing the couple’s unique collection of Santas and hearing the stories behind each one.

432 North 3rd Street
The Tharin Home
Holiday Decor by Amelia’s Treasures

Four generations of Lew and Katherine Tharin’s family helped them to rehabilitate this old harbor pilot’s home. A main priority in their eight-year renovation was maintaining the historical integrity of the house while making the living spaces more functional, bright, and airy. It has been transformed into a beautiful family home. Throughout the house, visitors will find both original features and period-appropriate pieces that have been carefully cultivated by the family and add to its historic charm.