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The archives of the Amelia Island Museum of History contain items and records of every kind, going back centuries. While most archive visitors seek paperwork – deeds, newspapers, family information – it is the tangible artifacts that fascinate us and tell much of the story of how we lived and what we held on to. We have selected a few of our fascinating pieces to share with you.


We still see the remains of the Golden Age of Amelia Island when we stroll through Fernandina’s downtown historic district. Homes like the Fairbanks House (1885) exhibit ornate Victorian architecture and transport us into the past.

Amelia Island’s Golden Age falls into the period considered the late Victorian era. After the Civil War until the early twentieth century, Fernandina experienced an economic boom from successful industry and increased tourism. While photos and architecture from this period remain, we can also get glimpses into the everyday lives of turn-of-the-century Fernandina residents through their material culture. These artifacts give clues about what life was like in the Golden Age of Amelia. Click on each of the items below to learn more.