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A donation to the Amelia Island Museum of History is an investment in our community.

Amelia Island is treasured by all who come here for its alluring beauty and unparalleled natural setting. But in addition to that, it has a history that is also unparalleled by anything else in North America. It is the Stated Mission of the Amelia Island Museum of History to “Preserve, protect and promote the unique history of Amelia Island and its surrounding areas for a diverse community of residents, researchers and visitors.”


We are embarking on a $400,000 Capital Campaign, through 2019, to completely renovate all exhibits in the nine galleries on our first floor. We will continue to tell the stories of the Eight Flags, but there are areas we intend to focus on to improve the stories we tell:

 Technology: Creating a series of interactive components, suiting all ages and learning styles, to engage visitors in a more immersive feel of life during our vibrant history.

Diversity: Re-interpreting our exhibits to expand coverage of cultural groups whose stories have not been fully represented, especially African Americans, Hispanics and Greeks.

Culture:  Modernizing the flow of our exhibit space and updating the exhibits to a 21st century Museum standard.


As we all know, membership dues and admissions fees cover only a portion of the yearly budget of a Museum like ours. In addition, funds from corporate and public (Federal and State) have dropped significantly in the last ten years. Despite that, The Amelia Island of History is dedicated to continuing to tell the amazing story of life on our little island over the last 4000 years. Our Annual Giving Campaign helps cover operating expenses so that the Museum can stay in the black.  That means we can continue to offer the popular programs you and so many others have grown accustomed to such as the Third on Third lectures, the Brown Bag lunches and the children’s summer and mini camps.