To minimize touch points and monitor capacity in each of our holiday homes, all visitors must purchase tickets online. Tickets are for sale by entry time for $7 per house, giving you the flexibility of visiting one house or all five.

The museum will not be providing shuttle service between houses this year, so be sure to keep travel time between houses in mind when booking multiple houses.

↓↓↓ Click on the Purchase Tickets button below to book your tickets. ↓↓↓


Booking Instructions:

  • ● Select a Home.● Select an Entry Time, # of participants, click the Book Button and fill out participant information

    ● Click the Add Another Home Button to select a time-slot for additional houses. On mobile devices: click or tap on the + Sign Button.

    ● Click the Book Button after you have finished all of your Entry Time selections for each home. Once you have selected all the homes you would like to see, you are ready to pay for your tickets.

    ● Review your order in the cart and Click the Pay now and Confirm Your Booking Button to complete your order (note: you will need to check the terms and condition box).

    ● After your payment is processed through PayPal, be sure to click Return to Merchant to return to the booking portal and print your tickets.

    ● Click on the Print Button to print a packet of all your confirmation messages. These will also be sent to your email. Bring your Bookeo confirmation emails – either printed out or on your phone – to gain admittance to each home.

    ● The Map is on our website. Print a copy or visit the Map page on your phone.

DO NOT USE YOUR BROWSER BACK BUTTON during your purchase process.

Use the Change Button to make changes to a selection or the Remove Button to completely remove a ticket.

Having trouble purchasing your tickets? Call The Holiday Home Tour Line: 904-254-0240

Save or print out a copy of the Holiday Home Tour Map.


Thank you for your support! See you next December!

Thanks for investing in our Holiday Home Tour fundraiser. We really appreciate it! Our policy has always been that tickets are non refundable for fundraisers. The Holiday Home tour is one of our biggest and more important fundraisers to sustain the Museum throughout the year.