HOURS: Mon-Sat: 10 am - 4 pm / Sun: 1 pm - 4 pm

Phone : 904.261.7378

What precautions regarding Covid-19 will be available?

All guests and docents will be required to wear masks. Hand sanitizer will be available in each home. The new scheduling system will eliminate long lines and large numbers of people in each home (maximum of 10 guests and two docents.) Social distancing will be enforced for those waiting to enter the home. Guests are asked not to touch surfaces or furniture.

Will I be able to buy tickets at the Amelia Island History Museum on the days of the tour?

Tickets MUST be purchased online at the AIMH website, www.ameliamuseum.org. We will not be selling “physical” tickets at the Museum on the days of the tour. We will not be distributing physical tickets; your proof of purchase will be your email confirmation from Bookeo.
Appointments for each of the time slots must be made separately for each house. This allows for a certain level of flexibility in arranging the number of houses you wish to see, the order of your house visits, breaks for lunch or shopping, and the ability to spread your visit over two days.
Lastly, we are processing ticket payments through PayPal. You will also get a receipt from PayPal. This is ONLY your receipt, not your ticket.

There will be 10 of us coming to the tour. Can we buy a group ticket?

In order to allow safe numbers and social distancing, we are not selling group tickets this year. There will be a limit of five (5) people per time slot for each house.
Ticket sales will be limited to 600 per day. Purchase your tickets early to get the times you prefer!

How should I schedule my tour times?

Please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled time. You will have approximately 30 minutes at each home – fifteen minutes upstairs, 15 minutes downstairs. This system will eliminate lines and wait times to enter each home.
Please allow sufficient time to travel between houses when you purchase your tickets.

Will there be a shuttle bus between houses?

Because of Covid-19 restrictions at the time of planning this year, there will not be a free shuttle. Please allow time for locating parking on side streets.  (The two homes on 4 th  Street are next door to each, so you won’t have to move your car!)
Please note that parking will be “tight”, particularly on Saturday for the homes south of Centre Street, because of the Farmers Market. Plan accordingly when you purchase your tickets.

Will there be docent guides in the homes?

In previous years, each room or space in the home has had a docent guide. This year will be different: at the scheduled time you will be brought into the home and be able to tour the upstairs for 15 minutes, with a docent providing an overview of the rooms. You will then go downstairs for an additional 15 minutes, with a different docent guide, who will also provide an overview of the rooms.

What if I’m late for my scheduled time?

You will still be allowed in but will have to adhere to the time slot you signed up for. Example: Jane Doe arrives 10 minutes late for her 11 a.m. time slot. She will be allowed to enter, but will only have five minutes to see the upstairs before being ushered downstairs to be with the other people in her time slot.

Where are my tickets?

We are not selling physical tickets at the Museum and we are not mailing out tickets. You will need to either print out the confirmation email messages that Bookeo sends as part of the booking process, or bring your phone with the messages on them when you come on the Tour. You will get one for each time slot for each home that you book. It will say how many people you booked for that are in your time slot as well as the time you’re booked for. You will have one for each home and each time slot.
Your PayPal statement is NOT your ticket. This is just your receipt saying that you have paid. There is no time slot info on the PayPal statement, so you will not be able to get into the homes with just this piece of paper or just this email.


Thanks for investing in our Holiday Home Tour fundraiser. We really appreciate it! Our policy has always been that tickets are non refundable for fundraisers. The Holiday Home tour is one of our biggest and more important fundraisers to sustain the Museum throughout the year.

We hope that you will enjoy the homes we have on the tour this year.